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2011 Clean Sweep Recognitions

Please give a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped clean up Shelton, whether they are listed below or chose to remain anonymous.  Click here to see photos and here for a map showing the cleanup locations that were reported to us.



Boy Scout Troop 28 removed 1500 pounds of trash (mostly metal) and 31 tires from the open space near the new Dog Park.

Brandon Guittard

Maurice Donini

Jamie Guittard

Don Pendagast

Amanda Wannagot

Joey Wannagot

Scott Sheldon

Robbie Delgado


PerkinElmer removed 15 bags of litter from Isinglass Road AND another 25 bags from Booth Hill Road as well as other items including a mattress.


VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY & FRIENDS CATEGORY: George Waters.  George fills up his kayak and canoe with litter from the Housatonic River repeatedly throughout the year.


cleaned up Forest Parkway, removing 25 bags of litter, a computer printer/scanner, a VCR, tire rims, and a mysterious large glass bulb. This is the fourth year in a row that TestAmerica has gone “above and beyond” our expectations.



Debra Arsenault, with help from Sandra and Deborah Burgos, once again cleaned the entire length of Buddington Road, removing 16 bags of litter and 4 tires.  Debra has picked up Buddington Road for several years in a row and was a previous “Volunteer of the Year.”



1. Girl Scout Troop 58 cleaned up Booth Hill School. They noticed a lot of cigarette butts!

Kayla M. Bailey

Ana Balcerzak

Michele Damato

Victoria Kish

Sandra Toth

Alexandria Wong

Monika Krijgsman

Dawn Walsh

Grace Henry Wong

Lauren E. Walsh

Mackenzie Trafecante

Taylor Silva

Anna Pan

Julia M. Krijgsman

Rachel L. Kish

Catheryn Espinosa

Amelia Damato

Caitlin Carruth

Kayla Calabrese

Sarah Broad

Maranda Balcerzak


2. Girl Scout Brownie Troop 60086 picked up litter at Booth Hill School.

Mia Dioguardi

Michelle Marty

Emily Zerella

Olivia Wong

Kathryn Wilkinson

Alexa Toohey

Cristina Rivera

Megan Pereira

Haley Oko

Amelia Nankervis

Emma Mussatto

Christina Marino

Julie Hoff

Juliana Falanga


3. Mason Burr picked up half a bag of litter at Booth Hill School.


4. Brownie Troop 4164  picked up two bags of litter along the Far Mill River


Martina Pastore

Charles Manger

Claire Manger

Megan Nagilla

Karina Friend

Annaliese Koch

Victoria Omeara

Tori Weed


5. The Shelton High Green Tees Club filled up a couple of big bags at the Nike recreational fields.

Kelly Niland

Shelby Fida


6. The Belden Family picked up a bag of litter near the intersection of Long Hill Ave and Constitution Blvd South, including Constitution Park.

Lisa Belden

John Belden III

Justin Belden

Chris Belden

Kevin Belden


7. Girl Scout Troop 60212 filled up 3 bags from the grounds at Lafayette School. Priscilla Codere

Debra Samorzjczyk

Julia Codere

Victoria Dobrzycki

Mackenzie Heltzel

Olivia Puleo

Ashley Samorajczyk


8. Girl Scout Troop 60373 filled up 3 larges bags with litter from Booth Hill School.

Hailey Lane

Caidyn Collins

Madison Trafecante

Gabriela Madera

Claire Foley

Hope Jensen

Kayla Young

Olivia Badeaux

Olivia Shumard

Alexandra Capalbo

Samantha Rago

Melaina Roberto


9. Huntington Wood Community volunteers picked up 3 bags of litter from Scotch Pine Drive, Crab Apple Circle, and part of the Rec Path.

Helena Plavcova

Natalie Plavec

Nicole Plavec

Mila Kocicova


10. Girl Scout Troop 61588 removed 3 bags of litter from Constitution Blvd. North.


11. Cub Scout Pack 25 filled up 3 large bags of litter at Long Hill School.

Emanual Gleen

Charles Manger

Kevin Mulreed

Connor Dapp

Joseph LaRue

Jacob Aponte

Noah Slater

Katrina Hatfield

Spencer Hatfield

Graham Ziperstein

Garrett Ziperstein

Joseph Schafenberg


12. Mike and Joey Romano removed 3 big bags of litter from East Village Park.


13. The Long Hill Neighborhood Kids picked up 3 bags of litter along Long Hill Drive from Laurel Wood Drive to Long Hill School. They found lots of cigarette butts from people throwing them out of their cars.

Steele Marro

Jacob Wells

Kristina Wells

Sophie Molitoris

Sam Molitoris

Sarah Marro

Hudson Marro

Cameron Marro


14. Girl Scout Troop 60766 removed 4 large garbage bags and one folding chair from the grounds of Perry Hill School.

Kiersten Beas

Yvonne Roy

Michelle Sylvester

Rachel Krystopowicz

Erynn Francino-Quinn

Jessica Donlon and Theresa Roy

Grace DeSanti

Anna Curran


15. Girl Scout Troop 60012 filled 4 garbage bags and pulled out a tire from the High School ballfields.

Angela Camara

Sarah Shumard

Jennifer Rosa

Mary McNeil

Caitlin McGuire

Lindsay Maud

Kayla Krijgsman

Victoria Kostour

Amanda Falconieri


16. Girl Scout Daisy Troop 60730 removed 5 bags of trash from Elizabeth Shelton School. They found lots of insulation.

Diana Banks

Heather Sadick

Susan Porto

Ryleigh S. Pagluiso

Taylor Ostrosky

Grace Loiz

Sanjana Jain

Kristiana Hernandez

Ella Gildea

Juliana Gidwani

Rose Dymerski

Taylor Capela

Dhalia Brelsford

Krystal Black

Molly Bannon


17. The Spillane Family picked up 120 pounds of trash from Perry Hill Road.

John Spillane

Adrian Spillane

Christian Spillane


18. The Roving River Rats filled up 5 bags and collected a pile of debris that included 5 tires, a bunch of plastic, and some ceramic pipes along Indian Well/Birchbank Road.

Savannah Ferrante

Chrissy Ferrante

Alison Ferrante

Natalie Ferrante


19. Salento Farm volunteers removed 5 bags of litter, some metal, and a tire from Birdseye Road and the corner at Route 110.

Dorothy DeMarco

Gail Morano

Patrick Salvati


20. Boy Scout Troop 101 removed 6 big bags of litter and a dead rat (!) from Research and Progress Drives.


Randy Boland

Matthew Zarrella

Bruce Rottjer

Anthony Rosa

Matthew Richard

Glen Richard

Qunton Hongo

Jared Duhaime

Stephen Duhaime

Chandler Duhaime

Angelo Ciambriello


21. Girl Scout Troop 60061 removed 6 bags and a tire from Shelton High School.  They found lots of Dunkin Donuts coffee cups.

Claire Fox

Anya Bliska

Liz Jacksis

Melissa Jacksis

Elizabeth Scrivani

Melissa Scrivani

Kathy Fox


22. Girl Scout Troop 60062 & Family  removed 6 large bags from Long Hill School as well as an inflatable boat.

Jessica Jayakar

Caroline McCormick

Amy Agreda

Neil Jayakar

Ryan Almeida

Gabriella Almeida

Devin Reid

Maliya Reid

Brianna Johnson

Nicole Jayakar


23. Cub Scout Pack 24 filled up 6 bags at Booth Hill School. One Scout found a dollar!


Brian Mason

Taylor Mason

Sean Rago

Andrew Connolly

Charles Chagnon

Bryce Bliska

Aaron Corcino

Kyle Young

Eric Gurski

William Bronson

Griffin Broad

Matthew Balcerzak

Daniel Rivera

Connor McGuire

Maxwell Mason

Jason Mandulak

Evan Kryger

Jay Cimmino

Abhinav Cherukuri

Michael Thomas

Dillon Tall

Nicholas Scirvani

Jack Mandulak

Daniel Connolly


24. Boy Scout Troop 55 filled up 7 garbage bags at Shelton High.

Lucas Davis

Ron Heiden

Jim Maxfeld

Jim Amato

Al Shigo

Kevin Brown

Bob Kaesman

Nick Shigo

Alex Plourde

Dan Heiden

James Amato

Ryan Amato

Andrew Kopac

Silas Curtis

Jon Lemanski

Gabriel Brown

Myles Hoponick

Elias Hoponick

Liam Davis


25. Girl Scout Troop 61094 filled up 7 shopping bags  at Elizabeth Shelton School.

Brianna Capela

Faythe Thibodeau

Molly Callahan

Liliane Wolfinger

Alyssa Bretan

Taylor Capela (Troop 730)


26. Sunnyside Scouts removed numerous bags and pipes from an old playground from Sunnyside School.

Kristine Re

Thomas Re

Jenna Re

Logan Re

Sean Drury

Isabella Drury

Jackson Bialek

Sarina Bialek

Gregory Fitol

August Sui

Michelle Sui

Margaret Sui

Tommi Sui

Joseph Radin-Morabito

Gavin Newell

Gabe Helupka

Conor Wall

Kirsten Fitol

Stephanie Newell

Terry Newell

Fred Bialek

Steve Drury

Kathy Radin


27. Cub Scout Pack 38, Den 3 picked up Oak Valley Trail again this year. They have been cleaning this location for four years. They removed 8 bags of garbage, along with a car battery, a rubber boot, and a mail box.

Ian Boath

Mike Patton

Zachary McEwen

Jordan McCarty

Robert Goldsmith

Anthony DiMenna


28. Well Spring Estate Homeowners Association filled up 9 large bags from Old Stratford Road and the Far Mill River.  They found lots of plastic bottles and fishing equipment.


29. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 60053 removed 22 bags of litter from Constitution Blvd South and say they could have picked up more but they ran out of bags.  There were a lot of empty alcohol bottles.

Andrea Cable

Sierra Chavez

Amy Sheldon

Georgette Pressley

Domonique Scales

Lilian Cable

Madelynne Cable


30. Cub Scout Pack 27 cleaned up East Village Park, removing 30 large bags, a sofa, steel scrap and a barrel.


Wyatt Chrisman

Terry Chrisman

Nicholas Rego

Gabriella Rego

Anita Rego

Lyndon Rego

Drew Trautz

Spencer Trautz


Laura Trautz

Stephen Brnetic

Celia Brnetic

Debbie Brnetic

Steve Brnetic

Dylan Brown

Logan Brown

Colin Brown

Christine Brown

Michael Rodrigues

Kara Rodrigues

Amanda Rodrigues 68

Christopher Moscato

Janice Moscato

John Sabovik

Ron Sabovik

Joshua Sibley-Prusak

John Sibley-Prusak

Jacob Moen

Adam Moen

Amber Moen

Mrs. Moen

Korey Barber

Katie Barber

Dawn Barber

Mathew Hansen

Robert Hansen

Debbie Hansen

Charlie O'Brien

Colin O'Brien

Michelle O'Brien

Ashley Kichar

Michael Kichar

Diane Kichar

Ed Singleton

Eddie Singleton

Laura Singleton