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Clean Sweep 2012 Recognitions
On behalf of the City of Shelton, the Anti-Litter Committee would like to thank all the groups and individuals listed below for helping to keep Shelton clean and beautiful We would also like to extend our thanks to the many anonymous people who contributed by quietly cleaning up their neighborhoods.  And of course there are the new Adopt-a-Street groups and individuals who have stepped up to the plate and agreed to clean our streets at least four times a year. Thank you!  Please see our photo album of submitted pictures from Clean Sweep 2012.

BUSINESS: Electri-Cable Assemblies (ECA)
CIVIC GROUP: Boy Scout Troop 28
Mount Trashmore Award: Cub Scout Pack 27

The following names are in not in any particular order:

Housatonic River Cleanup, Inc. and 300+ volunteers removed 55 tons of litter from the Housatonic River as follows: Shelton - 12 tons, Milford - 8 tons - Stratford 35 tons.  This clean-up effort is really in its own category!
Wells Spring Estate removed 3 bags from Old Stratford Road.
Howard Brooks collected one bag of trash along Constitution Blvd North near Summerfield Condominiums.
GE Shelton filled 12 bags with litter collected from Shelton Avenue near the hiking trail system. 
Test America collected 15 bags from Long Hill Avenue as well as a pan with heavy motor oil & cleaning fluid chemicals, metal scraps, and a 34 gallon garbage can.
Boy Scout Troop 55 - Shelton High School
Removed 9 garbage bags
Alex Plourde
Alex Sampaio
Austin Viveiros
Brian Brissette
Cameron Amato
Carter Trembley
Cole French
Colin McNamara
Dan Heiden
David Leandres
Doug Zuklie
Elias Hoponick
Ethan Bueno
Gabriel Brown
Gavin Newell
Ian Boath
Jake Zuklie
James Amato
Jimmy Maher
John Rosa
Jon Lemanski
Jordan McCarty
Kevin Brown
Kim Plourde
Matt Simon
Myles Hoponick
Ryan Amato
Scott Brisette
Sean Sampaio
Silas Curtis
Boy Scout Troop 28 -- two cleanups:
Boehm Pond -- 800 lbs of automotive & household garbage
Oak Valley Road/Rec Path: 1200 lbs of automotive & household garbage including 10 bags and glass bottles and one car engine
Brendon Stuart
Brett Butler
Carl Leonzi
Carl Leonzi III
Charlie Chagnon
Christian Garcia
Don Demaine
Don Pendagast
Doug Demaine
Felipe Zarama
Gabriel Aponte
Jonathan Hunter
Kevin Demaine
Matt Fama
Maurice Donini
Pablo Zarama
Ray Stuart
Robbie Delgado
Zachary McEwen
Cub Scout Pack 20
Removed 10 bags of litter from Sunnyside School
Aaron Greenfield
Adam Greenfield
Anna Leone
Brian Stiewing
Chris Straborny
Daniel Straborny
Fred Bialek
Gail Greenfield
Gaven Newell
Isabella Drury
Jackson Bialek
Jacob Bialek
Jeff Greenfield
Jenny Thielen 
Joe Straborny
Joey Radin
Justin Stiewing
Karolina Martin
Kathy Radin
Linda Stiewing
Mackenzie Heltzel
Magdalena Martin
Mateos Martin
Michael Leone
Michelle Bialek
Noah Darrow
Robert Thielen Jr
Ryan Straborny
Ryan Thielen
Samuel Bialek
Sarina Bialek
Sean Drury
Steve Drury
Tanya Heltzel
Terry Newell 
Tyler Heltzel
Tyler Stiewing
Tyler Thielen
Cub Scout Pack 24
Removed 10 bags of litter from Booth Hill School
Aaron Corcino
Christopher Capalbo
Daniel Connolly
Daniel Rivera
Dillon Tall
Eddie Balog
Jack Mandulak
Jason Mandulak
Kyle Miller
Kyle Young
Maranda Balcerzak 
Matthew Balcerzak
Michael Thomas
Monica Rivera
Sean Sampaio
Cristina Rivera 
Cub Scout Pack 27 East Village Park
35 bags of trash, 3 tires and and a really OLD 1940's Ski Pole
Adam Moen
Al Wolfinger
Alex Wolfinger
Amber Moen
Anita Rego
Brendan Reilly
Charlie O'Brien
Colin O'Brien
Dawn Barber
Debbie Brnetic
Ed Singleton 
Eddie Singleton 
Gabriella Rego
Isaac Seyer
Jacob Moen
Jane Seyer
Jason Schmidt
Jim Reilly Jr
John Sabovik
Katie Barber
Kevin Barber
Korey Barber
Kyle Barber
Laura Singleton
Lydia Seyer
Lyndon Rego
Max Dymerski 
Michelle O'Brien
Nicholas Hannaman
Nicholas Rego
Noah Darrow
Noelle Schmidt
Paula Moen (mom)
Ron Sabovik
Russ Blakeslee
Ryan Blakeslee
Sean Reilly
Stacey Reilly
Stephen Brnetic
Steve Brnetic
Tabitha Darrow
Girl Scout Troop 60049 Collected 2 bags from the Nike Site
Ainsley Lougal
Arianna Whaley
Bridgette Kline
Brooke Bartlett
Christine Kline
Cora Welsh
Courtney Lutheran
Danielle Whaley
Ella Welsh
Jenna Melanson
Jessica Welsh
Joy Milano
Kayla DeMoura
Megan Minifie
Ryan Welsh
Girl Scout Troop 60058
Removed 4 bags from the Huntington Woods area and the Rec Path
Alissa Hansen 
Amelia Damato
Bailey, Kayla M - 
Grace Wong
Gregg, Kim
Jackie Regan
Julia Krijgsman
Kayla Calabrese
Kish, Victoria  
Lauren Walsh
Mackenzie Trafecante
Maranda Balcerzak
Natalie Plavec
Nicole Plavec
Plavec, Helena
Rachel Kish
Regan, Chris
Ria Dalvi
Sara Broad
Taylor Silva
Toth, Sandra     
Walsh, Dawn       
Wong, Alexandria
Kenneth Walsh 
Olivia Wong 
Girl Scout Troop 60062
Removed 6 bags from Long Hill School
Amy Agreda
Brianna Johnson
Caroline McCormick
Gabriella Almeida
Haley Cholmanski
Jessica Jayakar
Meleny Lopez
Nicole Jayakar
Pamela Jayakar
Shawn Cholmanski
Ryan Almeida
Girl Scout Troop 60730 Elizabeth Shelton School cleanup
4 bags of garbage, a plastic frog-shaped top from  a sandbox, and a plastic plant container and a large fake plant.
Dhalia Brelsford
Diana Banks
Ella Gildea
Heather Sadick
Kendall Oksenberg
Kristiana Hernandez
Krystal Black
Lily Banks
Molly Bannon
Rose Dymerski
Ryleigh Pagluiso
Sanjana Jain
Susan Porto
Taylor Ostrosky
Nicholas Pagluiso
Tommy Sadick
Girl Scout Troop 61094 - East Village Park
5 garbage bags, plastic  lid, and a huge rag blanket.
Alyssa Bretan  
Brianna Capela 
Kaylin Sorensen  
Liliane Wolfinger 
Molly Callahan 
Taylor Capela
Girl Scout Troop 64164 Far Mill River
2 big bags, lots of "nippers" and styrofoam cups
Abby Carlson 
Dawn Pastore
Jade Adams  
Karina Friend 
Martina Pastore 
Megan Nagilla 
The Spillane Family
80 lbs of trash from Perry Hill Road
Adrian Spillane
Christian Spillane
John Spillane
Bob Moseley removed 2 large bags from a portion of Huntington Street
Helena Plavcova filled a bag in the Huntington Woods area & Rec Path
Boy Scout Troop 19 -- Riverview Park
Removed 8 bags

Chris Haack
Ryan Haack
Chris Rosales
Jared Lawrence
Joe Singh
Mitchell Marcinauskis
Wayne Haack
Mitch Marcinauskis
Monty Singh

Electri-Cable Assemblies (ECA)  
Removed removed 18 13-lb bags, 1 parking sign, vinyl siding, a tire, and an old radio from Ivy Brook & Mountain View Roads
Dave Black
Angel Nunez
Ociah Simmons
Addam Murray
Matthew Frouge
Gary Rtiz
Andrew Grandin
Patti Peabody
Leila Abraham
Tiffany Robnison
Cheryl Patrick
Jacqueline Mendez
Mike Gallo
Angelina Thaqi
Francisco Ayala Almonte
Panos Paschalidis
Alex Garcia
Sandra Moreno
Derek Breuler
Michael Anastasio
Ryan O'Connor
Claudia Lopez
Yolando Lugo
Mariama Janneh
Annamarie Vizzo
Sepe Koko
Leah Southiseng
Pam Shiwgobin
Elvira Perez
Mirllanda Cyfeku
Tiffany Robinson
The Hubbell Team 
Cleaned up East Village Park
Travis Botti
Annemarie Romano
Joey Romano, 
Mike Romano
Girl Scout Troop 60280
Picked up Sunnyside School
Logan Re
Jane Platt
Ella Platt
Alicia Berardi
Megan Loiacano
Jena Gambarella
Makenna Oja
Rebekkah Hurlbert
Tanya Hetzel
Amanda Billingslea
Madeline Baszo
Jenna Re
Anna Schulte
Stacey Platt
Julia Townsend
Kristine Re
Tyler Hetzel
James Baszo
Beverages donated by Sharna Kozak & Nestle Waters.