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Recognitions for Clean Sweep 2017
Shelton Clean Sweep was another great success this year. Many thanks to everyone involved!



  Louis J. Dagostine III
  (Individual Category)
  Boy Scout Troop 28
  (Group Category)
   ECA & Mica Corporation
 (Business Category)
(Joint cleanup)

As always, we would like to give special recognition to the Housatonic River Cleanup, Inc. , whose efforts each year resul in an incredible pile of garbage taken from the shores of the Housatonic River.

Results reported via the online Cleanup Reporting Form for March - June 2017 (many cleanups were not reported!)

Shelton High Period 2 Civics Class 4 bags from High School
Sheri Dutkanicz 1 bag from Nells Rock Road
Pack 24 14 small bags from Booth Hill School
GS Troop 60672 1/2 bag from Mohegan School
The Pastores 1 bag and many bottles from Seneca Rd
Stusalitus Family 3 bags, a tire & an ice chest from Canfield Drive open space
GS Troop 60294 2 bags from Regan Circle & Wooster Street
BS Troop 28 10 bags, 6 tires, a furnace, 2 air conditioners, a car transmission, car seats, vinyl siding from open space near Rec Path
Plavec Group 1 bag from Wesley Drive & Rec Path
Tighe & Bond 15 bags, tire, car parts from Isinglass Road
Gil Pastore 4 bags from Far Mill River
MOMS Club of Shelton 3 bags from Riverview Park
Mikayla Wasilewski & Janie Hulton 4 bags from Wabuda/Rt 108
Daisy Troop 60396 10 small bags from Shelton High School
Devin Mitola 1 bag from Sunnyside School
Fernando Alves 2 bags from Shelton Ave/ Meadow Street
Louis J. Dagostine III 4 bags from Soundview Ave
Mica Corp. & ECA 40 bags, furniture & a credit card machine from Mountain View & Ivy Brook Road area
Cub Scout Pack 20 22 bags from Sunnyside School
GS Troop 60058 2 bags from Rec Path
Robert Wasilewski 5 bags from Monroe St, Wabuda Place, Wakelee Ave, Rt 108
Cub Scout Pack 28 10 bags from the Nike Site/ Mohegan School

The Plavec Group

Girl Scout Troop 60672