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Phone Books (and other materials)
It is a violation of the City's Anti-Litter ordinance to distribute phone books, flyers, or any other materials along the City roadway (right of way). Penalties are $250 per violation.   The Shelton Police Department is the enforcing agency. (Note: Residents can "Opt-Out" from receiving Yellow Pages HERE.)

On March 8, 2012, the Board of Aldermen passed a resolution that clarifies their intent with regard to the anti-litter ordinance:


10.5         Telephone Book (or other materials) Distributed in City Right of Way


Alderman Papa MOVED to adopt the following Resolution:


Whereas, it is the intent of the City of Shelton to keep the City Right of Way (ROW) clean and neat and


Whereas, telephone books and other materials (usually encased in plastic bags) have been dropped within the City ROW by a third party contractor and


Whereas, many of these materials are not picked up by the adjacent homeowner and


Whereas, these materials are subject to the elements and become an eyesore adversely affecting the City of Shelton Anti-Litter efforts if they remain in the City ROW and


Whereas, Section 7-9 of the Shelton Ordinances prohibits littering or dumping and


Whereas, the definition of littering includes newspaper and/or magazines;


Now, therefore the City of Shelton hereby provides notice that the placement of telephone books and/or newspapers, etc. within the City ROW or on private property without the permission of the owner is a violation of Section 7-9 of the Shelton Code of Ordinances subject to a fine of $250.00.


SECONDED by Alderman Simonetti.






A voice vote was taken and the MOTION PASSED 8-0.